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Top Olympiads Center

Joining us will be one of the best possible decisions you can make in life. You will vastly improve your chances of entering an Ivy League or other elite, top-ranking university.

Free Enhanced Math  Grade 1 - 8 

Please go to the school to register

​​2020 - 2021 Class Plans

Due to the recent situation with COVID-19 and the decisions of the school board, our program will be completely online. We will not reopen on-site unless regular day-school resumes. Specific course plans are as follows:

Grades 6-12: For students who have questions about their course material, please email the questions to our inbox or join our skype conversation at 12:00 p.m. to 1:50 p.m. on the Saturdays designated in the table below.

Grades 9-12 Science, Math, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics: These courses are accessible after online registration and payment. The system will allow students access to course materials for 200 days, during which students can learn at their own pace.

Grades 6-8 Enhanced Math Classes require online registration and payment. Course materials are also available for 200 days.

Math 6C-11C will use Skype for Live Classes. Those who are interested in these classes should fill in the form or contact us by phone:

Classes will open if there are enough people. We will contact you on September 15th or 16th to inform you about whether or not the class you are interested in will open. Discount prices are available if you pay for all three terms (one school year) on September 17th and 18th. Discounts are $790 for M6C-8C for the school year, and $890 for the school year for M9C-11C. Regular fees are as shown in the chart below.
Classes start Sept. 19, 2020. Classes end Jun. 12, 2021. Classes are divided into three terms, and will run on the following Saturdays:

Competition Math courses will run at these times on Saturdays:   10C, 9C    2:00-3:30 PM          6C, 8C    3:40-5:10 PM          7C,11C    5:20-6:50 PM

Grades 3-5 Free Enhanced Math classes are available at any time on our website.


We welcome seniors (ages 50 and up) to join our weekend beginner and intermediate Live English classes which cover listening, speaking, and reading. At the same time, we have COVID-19 prevention information. Please register by phone for live instruction. Course materials without instruction will be available on our website after September 19.​

International Olympiads Preparation Programs 

(Please contact us)

AP  5 Scores  Classes

Competition and English Classes

Grade 6-8: $12 /class,  Grade 9-12: $14 /class  SAT: $15 /class
Olympiad Preparation Class: $30-50 /class; One on One $60-100 /hour

Grade 1-8 English,  French, Science, one semester Fee: $290/subject

Grade 9-12 Enhanced Math finishes in one semester.  Fee: G9-11: $360/grade;  G12: $480/grade
Grade 9-12 Science, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry finishes in one semester.  Fee: $480/subject/grade

(All classes are at the highest international level )

Summer Learning Camp (July to August)

Every student will learn enhanced math for the next year in summer camp 

Study Goals:     Preparations for entry to an elite university e.g. Ivy League, and preparing to challenge  

                        International Olympiads.

AP Calculus AB (90 classes, $890);          AP Physics 1 (60 classes, $590);          AP Chemistry (90 Classes, $890)  

AP Calculus BC( 60 classes, $590 );         AP Physics 2 ( 60 classes, $590 );        AP Biology (90 Classes, $890) 

AP Statistics( 60 classes, $890 )              AP Physics C ( 80 classes, $790 );         

Teacher Level: Ivy League University Teaching Assistant, Multiple International Olympiads Medalist, International Olympiad Team Trainer and Leader

These programs are highly personalized and aim to minimize the amount of time you need to spend to 100% achieve Ivy League recruitment standards.

Biology           Science