Parents and students:

The following slideshow showcases some of Run Ze Cao's contest certificates. This should improve your understanding of the competitions that are held in Canada, as most of the important Canadian competitions are represented.

Top Olympiads Center

Important Message to Parents:
Many excellent children do not make it into elite universities not due to lacking ability but due to being taken on detours during their efforts, due to missing opportunities. In every language there is a proverb about how lost opportunities never return, demonstrating how universal this problem is.

The growth of children, particularly excellent children, requires parental guidance. The future of children is essentially decided by the actions of parents. Therefore, if you have a smart child, and don't want to squander his or her time, abilities and energy in regular schooling, please contact us!

We all should know that North American universities admit many students, but not all, in many cases not even most, graduate. High-tier schools eliminate about 45% of students, and the Ivy League eliminates a little less, because they tend to admit mostly top students. Most parents and students only think about getting into elite universities, but few consider the problem of staying in. The result is that many students, even at elite schools, end up being forced to withdraw, transfer, or change their field of study, due to inadequate preparation for their future plans before university.

How to get into, and successfully graduate from, an elite university is a comprehensive problem. At Top Olympiads Center, we have fully considered the issue for you. Our study plans and programs can get your children into elite schools, let them learn the professions they want to learn, and graduate without as much stress as many of their peers might feel. Our educational plans can enable your child, regardless of public or private regular schooling, to achieve smooth entry into elite universities, achieve their dreams, and become legends.

Top Olympiads Center is able to make children take their abilities to their maximum potential, challenge themselves, and achieve exceptional results on competitions, performing to their personal limits. We are the best path available leading to elite schools and the International Olympiads.

Advice to Parents:
In today's society, information is everywhere. If you cannot sort out correct, true and valuable information from the mass, then you will not only lose money, but more importantly your children would lose time, opportunities, and choices for the future. So helping children choose the right information to follow up on would be the greatest service you could do for your child.

Three main factors decide your child's future:
In Western nations, elementary and secondary public school education schemes have the main trait that every child, in relatively fair conditions, receives free education. It is referred to as "compulsory education" and intends to allow every child to learn in a relaxed environment, thus achieving education of the masses. In this system, there are many study plans and systems that students can choose from, such the Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Gifted Programs, etc. These programs provide broad support to many ambitious students. Compulsory education is a service bought for and provided to you by the government.

In Western private schooling, the system is still essentially compulsory education, relatively speaking the schools usually have more extracurricular programs and students receive more individual attention, but that is perfectly natural as it is a service you pay for personally and thus expect more out of.

In Western nations there is also home-schooling as a parental choice. The great inventor Thomas Edison was taught this way by his mother and himself.

Under all these schemes, to throw all effort into learning or play around is mostly up to you. Learning is in large part up to personal interest, so parental guidance is even more important. Whatever scheme you choose, to make children do their best, children's efforts, teacher guidance and parental investment are all crucial.

Regardless of whether the competition is athletic or academic, in the West, it depends on parental support. Trainers and teachers are things the contestants must spend their own money on. Therefore, if you achieve good results, the nation must thank you, because this is the result of your own efforts. This is very different from Asian countries such as China. In China, all academic Olympiad or athletic Olympic contestants depend on the nation's funding and support, so of course successes demand that the contestants thank their nation for its backing.

Western universities require that all students withstand rigorous testing and courses before they can graduate, especially in good professions where many schools have rough limits on how many graduates they can pass, or are constrained by further education programs' uptake, such as doctors, lawyers, etc. In the post-secondary stage, Western education begins to be for, by and of the elite. Consider then what happens when a child used to compulsory education is suddenly forced to withstand "elite education". How can they withstand the pace and pressure the universities demand of and put on them? This generates the result that only about 55% of admitted students graduate. This doesn't mean that universities demand too much of students, but instead that those who failed to graduate were too deficient in their basics, whether in knowledge base or personal habits, and could not meet the basic requirements of the universities.

On the other hand, in Asia, for example in China, children begin aggressively raising their various aptitudes beginning in elementary school, establishing solid knowledge bases and personal habits. So in a sense this "elite education" exists in Chinese elementary and secondary schools.

Chinese university education is very good! Because the level of students at entry is high, so university courses are easy for them to get through. The result is a very high graduation rate, enjoyed by the universities thanks to the efforts of elementary and secondary schools in imposing "elite education" on students. In a sense, this "post-elite education" is amusingly easy to get full graduation rates out of.

The extremely tough "elite education" of primary and secondary schools in China depend on three things: Children's efforts, teacher guidance, and parental supervision. Strictly speaking, China's rapid modernization is supported by its tradition of having "elite education" from elementary school onward.

Class differences exist everywhere, but in the Western world where compulsory education allows children excess free time to run wild, whether or not children succeed is mainly due to parental guidance or lack thereof. Helping kids choose the right extracurricular teachers and tutors, supervising them as they struggle for their own ideals, their dreams, these are the powers behind the growth and success of children.

For all parents who have read this far, please contemplate for a moment. Consider how important here, in North America, actually in anywhere around the world, your guidance and help are to the growth of your children. "No pain, no gain", they say, and so it is your investment of time, effort, and often money that will decide what sort of future your child will have.