Top Olympiads Center

a)  This program is for the student who has a dream to go to the Ivy League or the Equivalent school in any country. 

b)  This program is specially designed for students to 100% full fit all the requirements of the Ivy League and Equivalent schools.

c)  Because each student has different foundation and learning skills, this program is for small group or one-on-one training.

d)  All instructors for this program all have the experience of the International Olympiads.  

e) This program include (One-on-One)

f) All students got AP ''5'' marks in 3 to 5 AP subject tests; after one year of training in this program           

Program 4. 1-On-1 English Summer Camp for International Students

Summer ​Learning Camps & Free Math Classes  

Program 2. The Ivy League & Equivalent

(Free enhanced math for Grade 1 - 8)

a) This program gives students the opportunity to experience the best math education in the world.

b) This program gives parents a chance to get the idea about the highest quality of math education.  

c) This program will benefit student and give them the best start of math study, and help get them on the right path and help them keep going along it.    

a) This program is for the student who has a dream to go to one of the TOP Universities.

b) This program includes enrichment knowledge and skills for the students (Include: IB, AP, SSAT, SAT). This program will help students become one of the top students in their school/country and go to the TOP Universities.

c) Wherever you are! Wherever you go! This program could help you become the best in any country around the world.

d) All the instructors have the experience of the International Olympiads.

e) This program includes  (One-on-One) program

f) This program includes: Free Enhanced Math Program, Grade 1 - Grade 8 

Everyone knows the best way to learn a language is by putting someone in an environment where they must use it. After registering with us online at our student portal, we will arrange an invitation letter for visa purposes to come to Canada to study English for some weeks (2, 4, 6, and 8-week programs are available) with our teachers. The summer camp will feature 1-on-1 guidance and learning, as well as general experiences in a setting where only English is used.

​a) This program is for very talented students, who have a dream for the International Olympiads.

b) This program has included the highest level of knowledge for the subject and covered all other contests for any grade.

c) Students who join this program need to pass a test.

d) All instructors for this program have the experience of the International Olympiads. 

e) this program include (One-on-One)

f) All students got AP ''5'' marks in 3 to 5 AP subject tests; plus join the national Olympiads Team in one and a half years.       


​Summer Courses Offered: Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Science, Language, History, and

Computer Science

Program 1. The Top University Program

​Program 3. The International Olympiads