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GOOD NEWS: Our student Irene Cao placed 1st nationally in the 2022 Canadian Biology Olympiad.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Summer 2022 Class Term 2 Plans

The current pandemic situation has prompted our company to hold summer camp programs online!

The programs will run on an efficient combined approach of video meetings, lecture videos, resolving student questions, marking homework and testing. The courses available are:

Grade 2-8 free math programs.

English and French programs with fees.
Grade 9-12 Science, Math, Biology, Chemistry and Physics programs with fees.

The specifics have been posted on the "Timetable" page. Sign-ups are open!


   At Top Olympiads Center, we approach each  

   child as an individual with their own talents

   and one-of-a-kind needs. Our goal is to help

   your student meet the learning benchmarks for

   their future to enter the university in their

   dreams. We have:

   -Enrichment program for go to the top        


   -Small-group for SAT/AP

   -One-on-one for The Ivy League

   -Small-group for the International Olympiads

   Our goal is to assist every student to succeed in 

  their ambitions and develop helpful skills for    

  their future.